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MSN Athletics Forms/Info


A completed IHSAA Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation (PPE) form, dated after April 1st, 2023, must be on file with the Center Grove Athletic Department prior to participation in any IHSAA sport for the 2023 - 2024 school year.  


  • The IHSAA PPE form must be signed by a physician (MD or DO). No pre-signed or pre-stamped forms will be accepted.
  • The physician license number must be affixed on page 2.
  • The parent signatures must be affixed to the form on pages 1 and 4.
  • The student-athlete signature must be affixed to pages 1 and 4. 
  • The Center Grove Athletic Information and Signature Card AND Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Acknowledgment and Signature Form for Parents and Students MUST accompany the IHSAA PPE form in order for the documentation to be complete in the Athletic Office.   
  • IHSAA Physical Exam
    • The PPE form must be signed by a Physician (MD or DO). No pre-signed or pre-stamped forms will be accepted. 
    • The Physician license number must be affixed on page 3
    • The parent signatures must be affixed to the form on page 2
    • The Student-athlete signature must be affixed to page 2

For the 2023-2024 school year Center Grove Middle School Athletics is continuing to use a completely paperless clearance process. This process includes a paperless Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Acknowledgement AND Center Grove Athletic Information and Signature Card. A parent/guardian will be required to create an account and manage the necessary documents using the Rank One Sport Portal. This process will provide a higher level of security and efficiency than the previous process.  

Please follow the steps to complete the required documents: (Download the full instructions HERE)

Step 1: To create a new parent account, select “Create New Account”

  • As a parent/guardian, you will create an account, then add your student to the account and complete only their information. Start creating your account by selecting or enter the link then follow the steps below.
    1. If you would like to use your Facebook or Google Plus credentials to create your parent account, select the appropriate icon to register.
    2. If you do not want to use Facebook or Google Plus, you may register for your account by entering your First Name, Last Name, and Email Address.
    3. Create a Password and confirm the password (Passwords must be at least 6 characters long)
    4. Select Register.
  • After enter your information and selecting Register you will be sent a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please check your junk/spam folders or email to have your email address verified.
  • Click on the link in the email to continue. The link will redirect your web browser. Click the link to sign into your parent account.
  • If you have multiple family members or if you have already registered yourself, you do not need to register again.

Step 2: Add athlete(s) to your account:

  • You will then link your student to your account. (if you have multiple children you will have the opportunity to link multiple students to your account)
    • *Note: CGCSC requires Last Name and Student ID Number to claim your student.
    • *If you do not know your student’s ID number you will need to contact your school*
  • Enter the information requested and select “Find Student.”
  • You will see your student linked to your account. To add another child to your account select “Find Another Student” and enter the requested information.
  • To start completing the forms select “Start Forms”

Step 3: You will see your Student’s Name and their Compliance Status:

  • Click on “View” to complete the online forms and to see your student’s status.
  • You will see 2 sections:
    1. Paper Documents
    2. Electronic Documents
  • To print a blank physical form or other printable documents, click on the Download and Print” tab on the right side.
    • In most cases printable forms such as the Physical should be turned into the school manually. However, some schools may allow you to upload these documents to an electronic form titled “Physical Upload Form” If your student’s school allows this option, it will appear under the Electronic Forms section.
  • To complete the electronic forms, click on the first blue link to open the form. The form status will show as “Incomplete” until after the school has approved your student’s forms.

If you have any questions related to the forms, please contact your school’s Athletic Trainer.