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Welcome to Middle School North Student Services! 
We are happy you're here!
Mrs. Thomson, Mrs. Parr, Ms. Leeth, and Mrs. Spillmann

 Mrs. Thomson, Mrs. Parr, Ms. Leeth, & Mrs. Spillmann

Mrs. Parr

Student Services Registrar
(317) 885-8800 ext. 5005


Mrs. Thomson

School Counselor
6th Grade (All) & 8th Grade (last names A-L)
(317) 885-8800 ext. 5105


Ms. Leeth

School Counselor/Student Services Director
7th Grade (All) & 8th Grade (Last names M-Z)
(317) 885-8800 ext. 5104


Mrs. Spillmann

School Social Worker
Grades 6-8 (Mental health concerns)
Area Resources / Community Health referrals
(317) 885-8800 ext. 5103